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My journey through managing and marketing businesses.

There is no doubt that we are in a digital world today and using the old and traditional types of marketing just doesn't work anymore. The skills required to market your business successfully have changed.

Building a better company culture and mindset is more taxing than before. And managing employees and your business requires more energy.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses improve their marketing, mindset and management to get more customers and increase sales. My work journey started at the tender age of 16, it was the late 70's the economy wasn't great.

Many businesses had their interviews in large college gymnasiums. With hundreds of boys applying for two to three job vacancies. After trying to secure a job through this broken system. It was clear that I had no unique selling point (I didn't call it that at the time).

Something had to change...

After some quick thinking (spontaneous stupidity some may call it). I decided to leave home in Edinburgh Scotland and got on a train to London some 450 miles away. The first thing I secured was an apprenticeship in motor vehicle engineering.

You grow up fast when you need to secure accommodation and work. Whilst putting myself through college for seven years...oh and training seven times a week.

Back then there were no grants or financial sponsorship in my sport. My parents worked hard to keep the lights on, so I had to figure out how to pay for it all myself...needless to say, I survived.

By the age of 21, I had worked my way into middle management in charge of a department in a medium-sized company. My challenge was to make my department the highest revenue and quality of service. I loved it and thrived on the stress, demands from the company, customers and employees.

Over the next few years, I grew within the company as the company grew in size taking more senior roles. My success led to getting noticed in the motor industry. Large PLC's approached me to work for them, and manage their motor dealerships.

The one thing that was constant throughout this time was my love of building a team. Delivering the best customer service and marketing the business at every level.

Then everything changed...

The PLC I was working for had some great businesses and some dismal companies in their portfolio. I would get a call from the board while driving to my place of work. And get asked to redirect to an underperforming site.

The instructions were to look at the business, and speak to all the management. Look at the financials and report back by the end of the day. These were businesses turning over between 10 and 30 million and losing half a million. My end of day report had only one outcome. Stay at the business, manage the business and don't leave until it's in profit.

Wow, this was great for me, I was a fixer. I knew what to do, I knew the moves to take, I knew how to get the staff on board, and I knew how to market the business. The problem was as soon as I "fixed it" I would get another call and get moved on to the next disaster.

It was time for a leap of faith...

At this point in my career, I decided to start out on my own. Working in the motor industry was not an option due to clauses in my contract. Knowing that growing my business required the same skills in any industry. I investigated several sectors...

In 2002 I started a commercial print and design company. It was a large warehouse with no equipment, no signage, no staff, and zero customers.

Completely out of my comfort zone I adapted fast, and within a month we were operational. Working in and on the business for nine years, I honed my marketing skills even further. Finding myself using more time teaching businesses marketing, than putting "ink on paper".

I loved it...I was back in the zone...making a difference...helping companies grow and thrive. When I started the business, I had always planned an exit strategy. Then in 2011 out of the blue, I got approached by someone to sell the company. At first, it felt like giving away my child; I had seen it born, nurtured it through its growth and watched it thrive.

You're best work is the work you love doing...

After taking six months sabbatical I knew what I wanted to do. Work with businesses and business owners on their marketing, mindset and management. Since the summer of 2011, that's what I have done. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that you have made a difference.

Today, I spend my day's researching and investigating technology and marketing channels. Advising and implementing marketing campaigns and helping businesses through transition and growth. Most of my clients have become friends, and as a complete introvert (did I mention that). I can work behind the scenes in their company.

Thank you for being here and spending your time reading about my journey. I hope it has inspired you to take action and create the business you want.

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