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Getting your customers attention and sending them to your website.

Customers Can take up to ten Touch Points Before making a purchase

Customers search for solutions using their web browser, visiting websites and social media. And, this is all before you even know they exist, and before they make contact with your business.

These are all touchpoints that your customers take to make the right decision. Every breakpoint in your message and transparency online causes friction.

The more friction you cause, the more likely they are to look for an alternative solution.

"A specialist who cares about the value he brings to your business. Steve’s great to work with always has his finger on the pulse and always ready to recommend the next move with your marketing online."


Yak Menicou

KLM Digital Office Solutions

pHASE 1: your business Foundations

The starting point of any successful business is its solid foundations. The stronger the platform you launch from, the better your chance of success. Phase one of my digital marketing services put all the elements required into place.

Market Research

The first rule of any businesses marketing is to identify the ideal customer. The exact person who needs your product or service.

Marketing Strategy

The value of a marketing strategy is the key to implementing your marketing. Allowing you to plan your marketing

Business Branding

Customers will always choose a well-presented brand before one that looks suspect. Customers always have choices when buying.

PHASE 2: Your Web Presence

Ever wanted to buy something and searched the internet for information? You click on a website and the page doesn't deliver what you were searching for, so you click away never to return! Phase two of my digital marketing services ensure that your customers find what they need.

Website Development

If your website is hard to navigate, confusing to read or just plain frustrating to use. Customers will leave within seconds and probably never come back.

Search Optimisation

Keyword research and data-driven search engine optimisation are essential. It's the difference between being found for services and being buried online.

Content Marketing

Delivering consistent fresh content that helps your customers understand your products or services. Will keep you at the forefront of their attention.

PHASE 3: Action Your Engagement & Sales

It's time to attract those customers who are looking to purchase your product or service. Actioning your engagement and sales channels is all about getting their attention. Phase three of my digital marketing services consistently communicate and engage with your customers.

Social Media marketing

If all you do on social media is to ask people to buy from you.
Then everything you do is a sales pitch, and your customers hate that.

Email Direct Marketing

If you're not gathering customers data with their consent. Then they will see you as an interruptive annoyance at best.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Done badly it's like burning money, done well it's like a cash register that keeps ringing. All of the channels want your money.

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